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Showroom can be seen by appointment

Price Sheet and Size for Cedar raised gardens.

 We Build all of your gardens

From natural  cedar or redwood for it's longevity, and ability to hold up in the outside elements.     Everyone of your container gardens are hand built for each individual customer ,to best fit the space that works best for your garden.      

Urban Gardening

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2'x4'.....$120 ......$140 ......$160
2'x6'.....$140 ......$160......$180

We can also deliver within 150 miles of 92069.

If you live outside our delivery area we have gardens that can be shipped to you on the raised garden kit page.

 What Makes our gardens different.

Filling your Raised garden bed with quality soil, organic soil, compost  & fertilizers will benefit your fruits & vegetables. Your growth can yield higher than traditional gardening, while adding more decoration and depth to your yard. We have a list of several bulk soil distributers on our blog to help you find one near you under (resources).

High walls on the raised gardens help create a barrier between your plants & some insects... 

Hardware cloth or gopher wire can be added to the bottom of the container garden to prevent gophers from finding their way up into roots of your plants. These pesky rodents can cause much damage in a very short time. (With a planter and 1/2" wire mesh on the bottom of the garden bed there is very little chance they have of making a meal out of your garden.)

 Sizes..12' High..18"high..24"high

   Here is a list of other extras that we provide for all of your raised gardens.

-Closed bottoms

-1/2" gopher wire (hardware cloth)

-Plastic liner

-Pond liner

-wheels (caster)



-Wider caps for seating (on style 2 and 3)

-Sealer (clear coat)



Each add-on has a different charge depending on the size of the raised garden.

A larger size will take more lumber or any other material that you request.

The sizes listed are standard sizes we offer .

We custom, hand-build all of our products so the raised gardens can be custom built to any size or style that will work best for your needs.

INSECTS and Gophers

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Raised Garden Beds

Using raised garden beds will extend your growing season by keeping the soil warmer in the cooler temperatures an cooler in the warmer temperatures.

 Sunlight will warm the soil in a raised planter much faster than the surface on the ground.
With your container gardens it will also make it much easier to have a garden in any urban or suburban environment.  

Organic vegetables

are the best way to make sure that what you are feeding to your family  is ripe,  clean with out any pesticides and full of the highest amounts of nourishment.

4'x8'x2' cedar garden with bottom, Planers, Wooden planters, Elevated planter beds

Custom Raised Gardens
 Our Raised gardens are available in several different heights to make gardening easier on your back & knees by bringing your garden to a more manageable height.

(having your gardens at a higher level so you don't have to bend; putting stress on your knees and back)  

 By using raised gardens for your gardening is beneficial if your soil is a hard  clay or sandy mixture. With an above grown garden  bed you can easily add the best soils to make what your growing blossom to it fullest.

 Soil and compost

Raised garden beds are generally made from 2x material (2x6-2/12") in either doug fur , cedar or redwood with the boards running horizontal. This is a  great design, but can be very pricy in material. In our design we have figured a way to make a the panels 2,1/2" thick rather than standard 1,1/2"and with our designs the structural integrity is in the outside rail that never touch the soil. The inside vertical slats on style 1-2 are what holds the soil  and the outside rails are what holds the structure. With the slatted sides of our garden beds this allows the soil to be aerated and good drainage for the roots.  

A Higher Level of Gardening