These potting benches are custom built when your order. Each one is built to fit your needs from your garden to your outdoor entertainment extra storage, to extra counter space.  

cedar potting bench with full cabinet, double doors, non locking cam.
Construction grade redwood, 6' potting bench, Double door, double drawers, soil tray
Cedar Potting bench, Garden work table, potting table

Our  Standard Potting benches have slatted counted and shelves.

 Counter-top height of 36".

The surfaces on these potting bench counters & shelves are built with

2,1/2"wide 5/8"cedar or redwood slats

spaced a 1/4" apart.

The edges are rounded  on every board

for a smooth clean surface.

Cedar potting table with cabinet, Potting bench with half cabeint

Our potting benches come standard with a lower shelf, counter top, and upper shelf.

The measurement for the shelf heights are:

   -Lower shelf 8" off the ground

   -Counter to  36" off the ground

   -Upper shelf 54" off the ground

Custom Potting Benches

A Higher Level of Gardening

We can design, add extras, and customize our potting benches to sizes

from 3' long to 6' long upon request.

Redwood potting bench, Potting bench, Garden bench

For questions, quotes, custom orders, or to order any of the items listed​ Contact:

Showroom can be seen by appointment

Potting bench, Drawer, Half cabinet, Redwood

Customer Service:

​​(760) 270-6596
Showroom can be seen by appointment 

Slatted Cedar counter top

Extras for cedar potting bench:

-Soil Tray $100

-Drawer $100

-Half cabinet with double doors $200

-Full cabinet 5' four doors $300

-Casters (wheels) $100

-Extra shelves $100

​Extras for Redwood potting bench

-Soil tray $120

-Drawer $120

-Half cabinet with double door $240

-Full cabinet with double doors $320

-Caster (wheels) $100

-Additional shelves $120

-Lattice $120


Our Cedar and Redwood Potting Benches

come in a standard size of

5' long, by 5' high with a 2' deep

slatted counter top for easy clean up.

The prices for the standard

Cedar Potting Bench starts at $320,

and the Redwood Lumber

Potting Benches start at $380

We have several choices of extras that can be added with our custom Potting Benches.