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Customer Service:


​​(760) 270-6596
Showroom can be seen by appointment 

Pick up/ Delivery:

Each add-on has a different price depending on the size of product ordered.

For Raised Gardens, a larger size will take more lumber or any other material that you request.

We offer standard sizes that are listed.

We custom, hand-build all of our products so the raised gardens can be custom built to any size that will work best for your needs.

We can also deliver to within 150 miles of 92069, and the delivery we charge is a $40 flat rate for anything within 20 miles, then $1.50 a mile after that from area code 92069.

We're located in San Diego, California.

We can arrange delivery and/or pick-up within the counties of:

-San Diego

-Los Angeles

-Orange County

-Inland Empire.

For questions, quotes, custom orders, or to order any of the items listed​ Contact:


Showroom can be seen by appointment