We have a new style for you to keep a more open landscape amid the garden and will protect the veggies that sit on top of the soil in the gardens. 

White wood 

2'x4'x4'H..... $260..... 1 door

2'x6'x4'H..... $320..... 2 doors  

2'x8'x4'H..... $340.....  2 doors 

4'x4'x4'H..... $320..... 1 door 

4'x6'x4'H..... $380..... 2 doors  

4'x8'x4'H..... $400..... 2 doors

Extra Doors ....$75/each

2'x4'x4'H.....$ 240.... 1 door 
2'x6'x4'H.....$ 300... 2 doors
2'x8'x4'H.....$ 320... 2 doors 

4'x4'x4'H.....$ 300... 1 door 
4'x6'x4'H.....$ 360... 2 doors 
4'x8'x4'H.....$ 380... 2 doors

Extra Doors .......$50/each

Let us know how we can customize your cages for you!

We are passionate about realizing  your vision, and want to help you get the most out of your harvest. These covers are built to give you enough height for your garden to maximize your vertical growing area and strength. 

​We use Redwood and Whitewood to match and construct our cages with style & strength for protection as well as architecturally designed for longevity.

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Showroom can be seen by appointment 

Redwood -

A Higher Level of Gardening

​For questions, quotes, custom orders, or to order any of the items listedContact: 

Showroom can be seen by appointment

Want to protect your gardens from pesky critters?

​Our cages are squirrel, bird, gopher, rabbit proof.

Built with strength, architecturally sound to hold up against animals and weather so your gardens with be able to flourish and get the highest yield. 

Depending on your lay-out, we recommend having having 4-6 doors on gardens over 6' Long. 

Extra Doors are $50/each for Cedar & $75/each for Redwood. 

custom garden cages

Custom Garden Cages