A Higher Level of Gardening

​We want to help create time with your families, a new hobby, and a healthy lifestyle.
Live for today while protecting tomorrow with green living. We garden as well, and have knowledge & skills for producing the healthiest and abundant crops.
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Each product is individually crafted to ensure the highest quality whether your piece is for

outdoor or indoor use. 

Everything is hand cut, drilled, notched, routered, and fine-sanded. Handcrafting makes each piece  slightly unique. Hand-built Planters allow us to customize the size & design of any item to meet your needs.

Cedar & Redwood-

About Cedar:
Cedar wood is lightweight and resistant to both cracking and rotting due to temperatures and the elements. Cedar has natural oils and is a resilient wood that guards itself against insect attack and decay, and its distinctive aroma acts as a mild insect repellent. Pleasant aroma makes a "woodsy" and natural environment. Cedar is a dependable choice for outdoor furniture, either as a finished or unfinished wood. Over time, unfinished cedar left outdoors will weather to a silvery gray patina. This natural process does not compromise the strength or integrity of the wood.

About Redwood:
California Redwood is the most decay resistant wood that grows naturally in North America.  The best grades of Redwood easily outlast the various woods like Eucalyptus and Teak grades that are commonly on the market today.

Cedar garden bench, potting bench

We custom-build & designed Raised Garden Beds, Potting Benches, & Planters.

Located in San Diego, California, we can help you decide your dimensions and style. Custom sizes are available.

We can arrange delivery and/or pick-up within the counties of:

-San Diego

-Los Angeles

-Orange County

-Inland Empire

Organic & sustainable living in a beautiful, artistically designed Raised Garden.

​​We are wholesale to the public:

Therefore, you will benefit by starting  a garden at a reasonable price. Our Prices are a big value for the quality we provide and longevity we create for your home and gardening needs.


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custom orders, or quotes: customraisedgardens@gmail.com

​​​About Our Shop:

We offer a wide range of hand-built custom raised garden beds & products 

From garden beds to potting tables,

we use the highest quality craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece we create.

Our unique products are engineered & designed with more intricate & decorative elements & built as strong as possible, while still esthetically pleasing to the eye...

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We specialize in products to make Organic Gardening easier & more enjoyable for you. We believe in organic gardening from your own backyard reducing environmental impact on your home. When gardening organically, you think of your plants as part of a whole system within Nature, starting with soil, & including water supply, wildlife, & insects. An organic gardener works to minimize & continually replenish any resources the garden consumes. We take pride in helping to make your home/ business healthier and living a clean lifestyle.

Customer Service:


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Showroom can be seen by appointment