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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Redwood and Cedar Raised Garden Beds.

Here is a list of some of the planter designs that I custom-build and sell. I tried to design garden beds that are more intricate, more decorative than a simple stack of 2x4's, yet at a reasonable price. I primarily build with cedar and redwood due to its longevity, strength, insect and rot resistance, as compared with other woods.

As for right now, I have only one design that can be shipped, but I am working on making other designs that can be safely shipped and easily assembled.

For local buyers, I am located in San Diego, California. I can arrange delivery and/or pick-up within the counties of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire.

STYLE 1                 

This design features vertical slats that have been routered to a smooth edge, for a more decorative appearance. These slats are inset into 2x4 rails that have been notched so that the slats fit flush to the inside of the raised gardens.

  • 100% cedar
  • open-bottom
  • Available in any custom size or any of the prices listed below.
  • Can be shipped within the 48 contiguous USA for an additional shipping fee,
  •  Local pick-up or delivery


This design vertical slats with a routered edge. These slats are attached to exterior douglas fir rails. The cedar cap provides strength to the planter as well as a more finished appearance.

  • cedar planks, doug fir rails, with a cedar cap
  • open-bottom
  • Available in any custom size or any of the prices listed below.
  • Local pick-up or delivery


This design includes horizontal slats set into 4 vertical rails (legs) and a cedar cap for strength and finishing.

(click image to view larger size)
  • Cedar horizontal slats with vertical doug fur 4x4" corner post.
  • open-bottom
  • Available in any custom size or any of the prices listed below.
  • Local pick-up or delivery 

Price Sheet and Size for Cedar raised gardens

 Sizes..12' High..18"high..24"high


 Price Sheet and Size for Redwood raised gardens

Sizes..12' High..18"high..24"high


 Options for enclosed-bottoms, legs, seals, stain, or lining can also available. These dimensions are not fixed any of these raised gardens can be built to any size. Please Email at:
For questions, quotes for custom orders, or to order any or the items listed.


    Saturday, March 1, 2014

    Potting Bench

                                   Cedar and redwood potting bench                                                 

       Greeting everyone. Thank you for you interest. This is a solid cedar potting bench light weight and durable.
    The counter top and shelve of this potting bench is made of 2"1/2 x 3/4" cedar slats with a 3/8" gap between each board. This is for an easy to clean surface and to make the over all weight of this bench much lighter than it would be with fully enclosed surfaces.

    These potting benches are available with many different extras. The base design for this garden work bench come with no soil tray and starts at $160 for the 5' bench.

    Potting table with the tray is $180. This tray is perfect for mixing and amending your own gardening soil and has a lid the completes the counter top on the bench as if the tray is not even there.

    Redwood is also available for these potting benches for an extra $20 a bench. The redwood with no tray is $180 And with for $200.

    With soil tray.

    Redwood and cedar are both great outdoor wood. the redwood does attract the eye though.

    This potting work bench is available for local pickup and deliveries. 

    Shipping with a $150 shipping fee anywhere in the U.S. some assembly required for shipping orders. Base design with and without soil tray. pay pal excepted for online order.

    Other extras include 
    • Soil tray $20
    • Drawer  $30 each
    • Half cabinet $60
    • Full cabinet   $100
    • Extra shelves $20 Each
    Here is a picture of half cabinet, soil tray,and drawer in cedar:

    Same one all closed up:

    Other sizes also available, this one is 4' long with the drawer on the same side as the half cabinet:

    Thanks for looking, If you have any questions please email at


    Redwood and Cedar planter bench

    Cedar Planter Benches

    Benches made from new cedar and redwood.

    Flush seat planter bench

    This first bench is a combination planter bench. The bench itself sits across the planters with a hole on either side for the planters to grow though.


     Prices for cedar flush seat planter bench
    • $120 for 4'
    • $140 for 5'
    • $160 for 6'
    • $180 for 7'
    • $200 for 8' 
     Prices for redwood flush seat planter bench

    • $140 for 4' 
    • $160 for 5'
    • $180 for 6'
    • $200 for 7'
    • $220 for 8'

    This bench is built with the planters for the legs that support the body weight
    The planters are 12"wide x16"high x19" from front to back. 
    The benches are 22" wide by the length you choose that works best for you.

    Backless planter bench

    This next style of planter bench has the planter above the seat of the bench t be used for are rests.
    This bench can be built in cedar or redwood with or without a back rest.
    It comes in 3 sizes but like everything I build it can be built to any custom size.
    Standard sizes are 5'. 6' and 7" with a 14" planter on either side.

    These benches are build 24" high on the side planter 24" long (from front to back) 14" wide with a 14"depth inside the planter. The bench in built in 3 separate  pieces to make the bench easier to move. The bench itself is 4,1/2" think and 20" wide from front to back the length depends on the the over all length of the planter bench that works best for you. Bench sits 18"off the ground.

    Cedar prices for backless planter bench.
    •  $180 for 5'
    •  $200 for 6'
    •  $220 for 7'

    Redwood prices for backless planter bench
    • $200 for 5'
    • $220 for 6'
    • $240 for 7'
     Planter bench with back
     This bench can be built with a back in all of the same sizes as the backless planter bench, in either cedar and redwood.

    Prices for cedar planter bench with back rest.

    • $220 for 5'
    • $240 for 6'
    • $260 for 7'
     Prices for redwood planter bench with back rest.
    • $240 for 5'
    • $260 for 6'
    • $280 for 7'

    All of the benches are built from natural cedar or redwood unstained, unsealed, and untreated inside and out.
    Plastic liners for the planters or stain or sealer can be added to any of the benches for an extra cost.
    • Plastic liner: $20 per bench. (2 planters).
    • Stain:   ($50 for 5' bench)($60 for 6' bench)($70 for 7' bench).
    • Sealer: ($50 for 5' bench)($60 for 6' bench)($70 for 7' bench)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    For questions or orders you can email :