Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Redwood and Cedar Raised Garden Beds.

 We custom-build and design raised garden beds and planters. We have a few of our own custom designs, engineered  to and built as strong as possible for the lowest possible price and still esthetically pleasing to the eye. Our gardens are primarily build with cedar and redwood due to the longevity, strength, insect and rot resistance, as compared with other woods.

 To see our shippable gardens please look to the shippable garden kits on the right hand labels of the page  we also ship our standard cedar potting benches and elevated planters.

 These planter are to heavy to ship so they are built more for the local customers. I am located in San Diego, California. I can arrange delivery and/or pick-up within the counties of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire.

STYLE 1                 

This design features vertical slats that have been routered to a smooth edge, for a more decorative appearance. These slats are inset into 2x4 rails that have been notched so that the slats fit flush to the inside of the raised gardens.

  • 100% cedar or redwood
  • open-bottom
  • Available in any custom size or any of the prices listed below.
  • Local pick-up or delivery

This design vertical slats with a routered edge. These slats are attached to inside of the douglas fir or redwood rails with routered edge facing out. The cedar or redwood cap provides strength to the planter as well as a more finished appearance.

  • Cedar or redwood planks, doug fir, or redwood rails, with a cedar cap
  • Open-bottom
  • Available in any custom size or any of the standard sizes listed below.
  • Local pick-up or delivery

This design includes horizontal slats cedar or redwood slats set into 4 vertical 4x4" corner post and a vertical center support every 2' for maximum strength. A cedar or redwood cap for strength and finishing.

  • Cedar or redwood horizontal slats with vertical doug fur or redwood 4x4" corner post.
  • Open-bottom
  • Available in any custom size or any of the sizes listed below.
  • Local pick-up
Price Sheet and Size for Cedar raised gardens

 Sizes..12' High..18"high..24"high

Price Sheet and Size for Redwood raised gardens

Sizes..12' High..18"high..24"high


Here is a list of other extras that we provide for all of your raised gardens.

      • Plastic liner
      • Pond liner
      • wheels (caster)
      • Legs
      • Trellis
      • Wider caps for seating (on style 2 and 3)
      • Sealer (clear coat)
      • Stain
      • Closed bottoms
 Each add on has a different charge depending on the size of the raised garden. A larger size will take more lumber or any other material that you request. The sizes listed are standard sizes we offer .We custom, hand build all of our products so the raised gardens can be custom built to any size that will work best for your needs. All of our raised gardens and potting tables are built to order and the usual turn around time 5-7 days from the day you order.

 For local order under $1000 we take payment on delivery or pick up, cash, check, or card.
For custom orders we take a deposit of the material cost up front. This includes any type of garden beds outside of our standard design, any staining or painting, or any lumber that we don't  keep stocked.
Shipping orders with any of our garden kits or the shippable potting benches would be paid up front through paypal and mailed with in 5-7 days of the day the invoice is paid.


 We can deliver with in 150 miles of 92069, The delivery we charge is a $40 flat rate for anything with in 20 mile, then $1.50 a mile after that from area code 92069.

 Please Email at:  .For questions, quotes for custom orders, or to order any or the items listed.

Thanks, Peter.